Professional Area Rug Dyeing in St Louis, MO to Restore Sun Faded & Discolored Rugs

Area rugs are frequently used to adorn flooring for a number of reasons including as a design accessory, to help to protect the flooring beneath them, or even a bit a both. Rugs can make a statement with their colors, patterns, textures and other intricate details. When it comes to the variety of styles, Persian, Oriental and other area rugs can be the centerpiece to the room that we diligently take care of and even implement strict rules for. But when these rugs are stricken with disaster, time, natural consequences, or other interactions, the color can be affected. Stains, bleach or chemical spills, detergent fading, sun fading, naturally aged fading, and other sources can distort the color and/or the patterns of your rugs; whether they be a Persian, Oriental, antique or other area rug. No matter their origins, or the fibers used, they can be potentially restored with effective use of rug dyeing treatments. Today, we at Agape Flooring Service would like to further elaborate on area rug dyeing.

Fading of Navy & Blue Colors in Area Rugs from Over Cleaning

Bold and vibrant colors are commonplace on area rugs, especially when it comes to Oriental and Persian rugs. The bolder and more vibrant the original colors, the more prone to fading under a number of circumstances. For example, high-traffic detergents, which are needed to get the heavy foot traffic stains out can easily fade out the intensity of the blues, as well as the colors that derive from blue such as purples and greens. As a result, the simple need of having them cleaned can make the colors look tired and dull within a few years. A basic concept, that many avid jean wearers tend to connect with, is noticing how quickly blue jeans fade over time.

Sun Damaged Red Colors in Area Rugs

The relentless sun rays pounding down mercilessly on your rugs have a tendency to attack the enchanting reds and cause them to fade. With the exposure of continuous sun, even the very dominating reds in addition to red based tones and hues will fade. The worn, dull, and faded coloring is a result of the oranges, ambers, corals, and burgundies, having pigmented components that basically bake under the sun. Before investing in rug dye restoration, be sure to invest in in window films that block UV rays that will offer more protection for your rugs in addition to your upholstery, carpets, woods, as well as increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. At the very least, keep the blinds down and curtains drawn during the peak sunlight hours that shine through the windows that beat down on your rugs to protect them from sun fading damage.

Area Rug Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair

Chemical spills such as bleach, do not mean the end of your beloved rugs. With the help of rug dyeing services, the color can be expertly matched to restore the rug colors and patterns to its original state. Whether you are looking to restore an unsightly blemish or return the vividness of your rugs’ coloring, rug dyeing is an affordable and effective option.

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