Concrete Floor Acid Stain

If you are looking for a unique finish outside the box of the traditional flooring options, the professionals at Agape Carpet Color Restoration offer concrete acid stain for a custom finish. Using only quality supplies and resources, our team of technicians deliver nothing but quality results every time.

Advantages of Concrete Floor Acid Staining

There are many benefits to this new trend among flooring options. When you call the flooring professionals at Agape Carpet Color Restoration to acid stain your concrete, you can get beautiful results at a fraction of the cost you will pay for other flooring choices. Acid staining your concrete is a durable option practical for those with pets and children. It easily covers up any current staining you may have on your concrete and you don’t have to worry about it scratching or fading. Lastly, one big benefit from concrete staining comes from the ability to easily cover it if you change your mind and want to go a different direction.

Concrete Acid Stain Designs

When you choose to acid stain your concrete, the design choices in front of you are limitless. You can choose to have it lightly stained or go with a more detailed design with large swirls and brush strokes. Different artistic designs can also be incorporated in acid staining for a completely unique look.

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Concrete acid staining isn’t just used in a residential setting. Many hotels, restaurants, stores and other businesses are finding that this is a practical as well as beautiful flooring choice. If you are interested in concrete acid staining, there is no one better than Agape Carpet Color Restoration. We can create a beautiful concrete floor design with our color experts. Call us today!

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